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Your weekend feast - 21 October 2016

Buttermilk waffles, creamy pasta, chicken kebabs and more!

20 Oct 2016
weekend feast, weekend, recipes, entertaining, fam

We're slowly but surely approaching the end of the year and this is usually the time when things start to get hectic. Hopefully this weekend comes with the promise of leisure and enjoyment... While we can't guarantee that, we can definitely aid you with the most drool-worthy weekend feast options!

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For your indulgence: kick off your Saturday (or Sunday) by swapping the old faithful bacon and eggs for something more sweet- malted buttermilk waffles. If you want to go all out no one is stopping your from adding these waffles as an addition to your breakfast feast.

Weekends are all about comfort food and breaking the rules! Get your carb fix by indulging in this cream cheese fettuccine with sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes.
weekend feast, weekend, recipes, entertaining, fam

These garlicy chicken kebabs will help you out in the quick fix department. 

We're loving fresh spring salads at the moment and this peach, feta and pecan salad with honey epitomises just that. Add our delicious kebabs and you'll have a filling lunch option.

Even though it's the weekend we know that you'll still want to eat healthily (as far as possible...). If that's the case then this gluten free zucchini and basil pesto seed bread is the one for your. This pesto infused bake is not only healthy but delicious and roaring with flavour. 

weekend feast, weekend, recipes, entertaining, fam

Make these crispy pork belly ribs and let your oven do all the work. It's a great option if you're entertaining or if you're unsure what to cook for Sunday lunch.


Looking for a side dish to go with your main course? We've got just the thing! Bacon and Parmesan potato nests! WATCH how to make them below.

October is the month of the pumpkin! These dainty bites are oh-so-easy to make and with their delicate texture and rich buttery crumb you won't be disappointed.

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