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Your weekend feast - 20 January 2017

Blueberry desserts, breakfast quiche, roast chicken and more weekend feast goodness!

19 Jan 2017
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The weekend (feast!) is here and we cannot be more glad that January is moving so swiftly...

We've reached the time where everyone is slowly but surely readjusting to their everyday schedules while secretly still yearning for December's festivities and all the OTT feasting that went with it...

At the moment we're obsessing over blueberries as they're in peak season and at their tastiest now.We're also trying to get back to our healthy eating plans and 'everything in moderation', but we'll get back to that on Monday!

Jumping right in...

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This versatile broccoli and cream cheese quicheis the breakfast that you need in order to kickstart your weekend. It's Banting friendly, contains gorgeous hidden veggies and is loaded with cream cheese, Cheddar and chives.

Another delicious recipe that contains hidden vegetables are these beef and veggie sliders. They'll be an absolute hit with kids with their fast food appeal accompanied by an awesome taste and hidden carrots and courgettes. Serve with sweet potato chips.

Have you ever wondered how exactly SMAK Deli makes their drool-worthy Amaretto baked cheesecake? Well wonder no more, we've got you covered with the actual recipe!

Your Saturday lunch or dinner comes in the form of these succulent lemon pork fillets. What makes this recipe so whimsical is the simplicity of the lemon and garlic that combines to give you a flavoursome dish of greens and pork.

This grilled nectarine and lentil salad will make a first class vegetarian meal or the ideal side to your roast.

What's a Sunday without a roast? Take five minutes to prepare your ingredients and leave the rest of the work to your oven... Warning: the sauce (made of milk stout, honey, carrots, garlic, rosemary and more) is so delicious that you'll want to scoop it up and eat it with a spoon.

To celebrate the abundance of blueberries that we've been showered with, make some berry frozen yoghurt popsicle. They're berry-licious and low-carb!



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