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Your weekend feast: 20 April 2018

From comfort food to great dinner recipes, here's your delicious weekend feast!

20 Apr 2018
Sunday lunch on a table

It’s the weekend and it feels like we've just seen all four seasons. We finally have to admit that summer is ending and we are gradually heading into winter. We don't mind though, because it's an excuse to share these recipes that promise to bring us warmth and keep us cozy. 

Have an early morning? Make this delicious cranberry and pumpkin seed muesli and serve it with some Greek yoghurt, plums and honey to get your day started off on the right foot.

cranberry and pumpkin seed meuslie in a bowl with

Treat yourself to sleeping in, then make this delicious eggs on garlic bread toast and serve with a bit of hot sauce for a lazy brunch.

egg on garlic bread toast with cherry tomatos

Not all salads have to be cold. This tossed potato and tuna salad is the ideal warm healthy option for weary weather. Eat as a meal, share as a side, or enjoy leftovers the next day. 

Tossed potato and tuna salad with slices of lemon

If you’re not into a meaty lifestyle then this delicious cheesy roast vegetable quiche is a tasty winner to feast on througout the weekend. Serve this with the freshly made salad above, or eat all at once, we won't judge. 

cheesy roast vegetable quiche in bowl

Stuck on what to make for dins-dins? This roast pork fillet with apple relish and rustic mashed potato will make a luscious dinner. Serve with freshly steamed vegetables and feel like you're dining in your own restaurant.

Mashed potatoes with roast pork fillet

Impress with these creamy chicken and mushroom pot pies,  especially if you're having guests over this weekend! 

creamy chicken and mushroom pot pies

Nothing beats a slice of milk tart with a good cup of coffee, try this easy-to-make condensed milk tart and be sure to share it with friends before you finish it yourself (also ok).

a slice of condensed milk tart

If you're looking for more great meals, check out these other weekend feast menus!

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