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Your Weekend Feast: 13 October 2017

So much glorious food to look forward to this week - mouthwatering crunchies, lip-smacking lamb chops and so much more!

12 Oct 2017
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In the month of Halloween, it’s quite fitting for there to be a Friday the 13th. We’re not trick or treating yet (for those who celebrate the American holiday in South Africa), but we’re offering you a few treats and meals for the weekend.

Once again, it’s time to sit back with a notepad in hand because these meals are to be noted! Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

We know there's a shortage of eggs at the moment due to bird flu, so this porridge would be a great breakfast alternative. It's made of rooibos, plain yogurt and chia seeds. It’s all done overnight so you can enjoy its goodness in the morning.

Gluten-free honey crunchies make for really good snacks during the day or even when your cravings creep up on you at night. Enjoyed best with a warm cup of milk. 

For the vegetarians - you'll love this courgette and broccoli salad. The vegetable and feta mixture is added to your bulgar wheat, and soon after you can prepare yourself for nothing but indulgence.

For a lovely Saturday dinner, lamb chops baked in the oven are the ones for you. With nothing but crispy goodness and added herbs and veggies, it makes for a very tasty meal.

Asian fishcakes are also a good option for something super quick and easy - as they contain all of 5 simple ingredients. No jokes! It requires little cooking for those lazy Saturdays and makes for good Monday leftovers.

Creamy chicken with lemon and rosemary would make the perfect Sunday lunch or dinner. This dish will definitely warm you up with its comforting qualities and makes for a great family meal. 

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