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Your Weekend Feast: 10 November 2017

Need easy meals for your lazy weekend? We've got you covered!

10 Nov 2017

Once again, it’s that time of the week. You’re excited and Friday couldn’t have come at a better time. Most of the time, one is too drained to cook on Friday and Saturday. The feasts can wait for Sunday.

In this edition of Weekend Feast, we’ve got easy meals for the weekend and some snacks and treats that are quick to pull together.

It’s breakfast and you might not have the energy to be up to make a full English breakfast. Vegan nut butter granola with cacao nibs could be the perfect healthy alternative.

Quench your thirst with this cucumber and ginger refreshment. With it being hotter across the country, it’s hard getting something affordable and tasty. Why not do it yourself?

Veggie lovers, here’s a dinner idea you'll love. This parsnip, potato and leek gratin is tasty and if you’re one of the stay-in-and-sleep types, it can get you through the weekend. Have a bite!

Fridays can be a Cape Malay pickled fish tacos day. This is perfect for a dinner, even a Sunday lunch. Perfect even for Monday leftover lunches too.

Craving something Asian but healthy? You need to make these easy san choy bau (lettuce wraps) topped with salty peanuts. Yum.

Need a speedy go-to chicken dish? Look no further than these 10-minute pan fried Greek chicken breasts. Serve with your favourite veggies! 

Dessert anybody? Gin and strawberry swirl ice cream is made by you, for you and only you. Yes!


Gourmet S’mores are always a good weekend and Summer treat. Make your own and indulge in some deliciousness. 

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