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Your weekend feast - 10 February 2017

09 Feb 2017

Who's ready for the weekend? On the menu we've got a delectable chicken dish, some gorgeous seafood and spectacular treats!

First up - gather the family around for this soy and cashew chicken. Serve with Jasmine rice for that special Asian touch.

For a pre-dinner snack, you can't go wrong with a simple Italian classic - tomato bruschetta loaded with heady garlic and basil.

If you've never had stuffed calamari before - we urge you to try this recipe. The little tubes are filled with ricotta cheese and spicy chorizo and then char-grilled on the braai or griddle. Ultimate Summer food!

Bran muffins may be old-school but you can't beat them for a carby breakfast option! Have them slathered with salty butter and your morning cuppa for ultimate pleasure!

Hosting a braai where there will be Banting guests? They'll love these garlic and herb stuffed mini buns!

In the veggie department you can look forward to fun and fancy Caprese skewers that just scream Summer...

Or a heart-healthy brinjal and lentil salad.

Onto the sweet stuff!

This banana rum hazelnut crumble is a new recipe on the site and we think you will love it. It's crunchy, creamy, nutty and has a tropical kick from the rum.

For those that veer towards the fruity... how about a berry and vanilla sorbet?!

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