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Your Weekend Feast: 1 December 2017

Popsicles, pizzas, prawn curry and more!

30 Nov 2017

Summer is here! It’s the first day of the Christmas month. With December comes thirst-quenching drinks, mouthwatering tidbits, delicious desserts and of course festive food for days!

We’ve decided to keep it light but still give you the weekend feast you deserve. Have a great weekend and here’s to non-stop braais, meet ups and chill sessions under the sun. Make sure you stay safe and play safe as well.

Have a pizza for breakfast. This pizza makes perfect sense, made with all your breakfast essentials. It’s perfect for a group, sliced up or you can have it to yourself and eat it throughout the day. Who said your breakfast has to be boring?

We can't go into the festive month without a big batch of mince pies! For extra points, make your own at home with this easy peasy recipe

It’s getting warmer and these green smoothie and berry popsicles will do the trick of cooling you off. They’re sugar-free too which is great for diabetics and children or anyone wanting to cut down on their sugar intake. 

If popsicles aren’t your thing, try this virgin pomegranate mojito. Super refreshing and it's alcohol-free (but there's nothing stopping you from throwing in a shot of gin or vodka!). 

First on the dinner list is your own portable tapas bar. Nothing is better than picking and choosing what you want on your plate. This is perfect for games’ nights or picnics on the beach. Snacks and nibbles for the win!

Seafood is next on the list with this easy prawn and mussel curry - done in 30 min. The meal is easy to make and it is indeed filling. Try it out and share with a friend if you’re not too hungry.

Vegetarians - check out these leek, mushroom and tomato tartlets. Don't they look moreish?

Dessert is served by you, made by you and loved by you. Say hello to the utterly decadent chocolate caramel shortbread stacks. We won't take the blame if you end up eating the whole batch. 

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