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Weekend feast: 27 July 2018

Chocolate tacos, vanilla custard cake, hearty beef potjie and more!

27 Jul 2018
Friends enjoying a braai together over  the weeken

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Fri-nally its Friday, we are so ready to kick back, relax and enjoy some time away from the office. Our weekend feast is looking mighty tasty, we have filled it with all kinds of different delectable treats that will leave you feeling spoilt.

Kick off your Saturday morning with these uber healthy gluten-free coconut, berry and chia seed muffins. Have them with a tall glass of OJ or some coffee.

freshly baked muffins

Make this delicious spinach and sweetcorn tart for lunch. Not only is it a great vegetarian alternative, it's also filling. Add a freshly made salad to it and lunch is served.

freshly baked sweetcorn tart

Weather reports suggest that it might be a little chilly this weekend, so this beef and beer potjie with dumplings is the perfect warm meal to enjoy for dins.

a pot of potjie kos

So we always suggest a great bowl of pasta over weekends, because we believe pasta is a hug in a bowl and this salsa Verde pasta salad is exactly that. It also makes a great side to any meaty dish!

a bowl of pasta salad

Baking time means cake time! The great aspect of this vanilla chiffon and custard cake is that you can either bake the cake or you can make delicious little cupcakes from this batter. Either way, you'll be winning at life!

freshly baked cake

And since it’s not the weekend if we don’t add some chocolate to our eats, we added in this chocolate taco dessert. The tacos are filled with a delicious fruity-chocolaty-filling which makes them absolutely delish!

freshly made chocolate tacos

If you're looking for more great meals, check out these other weekend feast menus!

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