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Give the humble toasted cheese a twist with these tips

Switch things up in the kitchen this month!

29 Feb 2016

Solid, versatile and always tasty: the humble toasted cheese has become a golden standard in virtually everyone’s culinary repertoire.  But with a dash of fun – and some imagination – it can also be transformed into something unique.

Try these “Fun Twists on the Toasted Cheese” and get ready for a taste adventure that’s anything but ordinary!

Who knew that you could whip up mini pizza bites in a flash? Impressive enough to be served on exquisite platters for those who want to entertain – yet simple enough to make when you’re in a hurry or you’re both tired and hungry. Finger food fun in bite-sized bits of excellence – mini pizza bites combines all the standard features that have made the toasted cheese sandwich famous – but twists them in a way that is totally unique and fresh. With a simple recipe and very little preparation time, mini pizza bites will impress relatives and friends as well as tantalise your tastebuds.

Staying with the theme – have you ever tried to make some wholewheat ham and cheese roll ups? Think sliced ham middle and deliciously melted cheese – rolled tightly in slices of wholewheat bread and fried in butter. Ideal for dipping, this sure winner is guaranteed to have your guests demanding more.

If you could combine the hearty, simple, comfort qualities of the toasted cheese sandwich with the versatility and convenience of a roll up – you have wholewheat ham and cheese roll ups. A delightful fresh ham and cheese centre with a flourish of salt, pepper and spice sprinkles – the tastes all combine to mingle in your mouth.

That’s what Life’s Delicious is all about, really. It’s a philosophy.  One that says that food doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive, or complicated to be exquisite. Experimenting with your own sense of adventure and taste – virtually anyone can whip up delicious variations of standard meals.

All it takes is high quality ingredients (like Eskort’s wide range of Viennas, Bacon and Sausages), a willingness to just have fun and a sense of creativity. The toasted cheese sandwich will always be with us – a well-known and well-loved standard.  And yet, if you believe life’s delicious, it can be transformed into something as unique and special as you are.

Try your hand at the mini pizza bites or the wholewheat ham and cheese roll ups – or devise your own way of adding a personal touch to basic meals – and who knows just how much fun you can have?





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