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09 Nov 2015

1. What is chakalaka?
A: A spicy vegetable dish made of peppers, carrots, tomatoes and onions. Usually served with pap or boerewors.

2. What is the classic accompaniment at a snoek braai?
A: Apricot jam

3. Name the small South African town in which Ouma Rusks were first baked.
A: Molteno

4.  Bokkoms refer to salted fish that is dried by the wind and then eaten. True or false?
A: True

5. What is a Hertzoggie?
A: A small shortbread biscuit, filled with jam and topped with coconut meringue. Named after ex Prime Minister of SA, B M Hertzog.

6. What is the popular spice that is traditionally sprinkled on the top of a melktert?
A: Cinnamon

7. What does the term “tshisa njama” refer to?
A: Braaing meat (literal - to burn meat)

8. What type of meat is used for the making of the traditional South African dish tomato bredie?
A: lamb

9. What SA beer was the fastest growing beer in the world in the year 2013
A: Castle Lite

10. What popular treat is made from deep-fried dough, soaked in cold syrup and shaped to resemble a braid?
A: Koeksisters

11. What prominent spice gives biltong its unique flavour?
A: Coriander

12. What is the Cape Malay deep-fried snack called, which is made by deep-frying a spicy ball of dough?
A: Dhaltjie

13.  What animal and part of the body does a “smiley” refer to?
A: Sheep's head

14. What famous South African pudding was named after a Springbok Rugby Player?
A: Jan Ellis Pudding

15. What animal part is used for the preparation of the traditional South African dish called Mala Mogodu?
A: Tripe

16. What type of dish is the city of Durban most well-known for?
A: Curry

17. What is the traditional name for samp and beans?
A: Umngqusho

18. What type of alcoholic beverage is the popular South African drink Umqombothi
A: Beer

19. What 3 distinct flavours does the Cape Malay dish, boeber contain?
A: Cardamom, cinnamon, rose water

20. What SA brandy is officially the Best Brandy in the World?
A: Van Ryn's 12 year old Distiller’s Reserve


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