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Midweek recipe ideas for low carb cooks - 7 September 2016

Mini blueberry ricotta cakes, chicken salad with blue cheese dressing, milk tart and more!

07 Sep 2016

The low carb movement has certainly evolved the way people in South Africa view their eating and nutrition. For all the Food24 low carb recipes click here.

And as much as we like to stick to the “everything in moderation” adage at Food24, we know there a many of you who do follow a low carb lifestyle and so these recipes are for you! Just some simple midweek inspiration to motivate you to change things up if you feel like you’re stuck in a menu rut (we’ve all been there).

Baked goods are always a great idea for breakfast! But they're often loaded with carbs. Not these beauties! Mini blueberry and ricotta cakes are enriched with buttermilk to give them that super indulgent texture.

Make a loaf of cheesy zucchini bread and store in the fridge for those "I need a simple and quick snack" type of days. Top it with butter and cheese or any topping you prefer.

For a protein-packed lunch that's loaded with greens, we've got just the thing - a light and tasty chicken salad with a creamy blue cheese yoghurt dressing.


Seeing as it's Heritage Month in SA, we think it's only fitting to feature that old favourite - milk tart (with a low carb twist of course!)

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