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Midweek recipe ideas for low carb cooks: 27 September 2017

27 Sep 2017

Make your own sugar-free, grain-free granola at home! Store-bought varieties are really expensive. Serve it with some creamy and thick Greek style yoghurt and your favourite berries. 

Another homemade snack or treat comes in the form of rooibos tea gummies. They're made using gelatine and have the same texture as a Jelly Baby! The only difference is that they're much healthier. Try 'em and see for yourself. 

For something light but protein-rich, you'll love a fresh chicken and green bean salad with crumbled blue cheese, crushed walnuts and radicchio. 

Who can ever resist a sundae? Now you can have a low carb version with Mascarpone, homemade Banting-friendly cookies, berries, cherries and loads of nuts!

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