Midweek recipe ideas for low carb cooks: 19 July 2017

Looking for low carb inspiration?

19 Jul 2017

We know eggs can sometimes seem unexciting but they really are nature's protein powerhouses! Whip up a quick cheesy mushroom-filled omelette before your day gets busy.

Deep-fried foods are so in right now and we've got a great recipe that you can try using leftover cheese... say hello to deep-fried Mozzarella sticks. This is not a drill.

If Winter has knocked you for a six, find comfort and warmth in a spicy, punchy Mexican chipotle chicken casserole (leave out the 2 Tbs of sugar and substitute for xylitol if you prefer). Serve the casserole on a bed of homemade cauliflower rice.

Pear and chocolate make the best marriage. Especially when they come together in this lovely combination of a grain-free tart. Serve with whipped cream for that extra touch.

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