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5 Lunchbox ideas your little ones will love

That boring old sandwich is so 2014! So here are some interesting lunchbox treats that can be made ahead of time or even during the morning rush.

10 Jan 2019
French toast

Nutritious tuna burger

These tuna patties are full of flavour and keep for up to two days in the refrigerator.

Lunchbox ideas

Creamy maize-meal corn dogs

These are so easy to make; just mix the batter, heat the oil and fry. Wrap in cling film and foil, and freeze after frying.

Lunchbox ideas

Chicken pie with liver spread

Max Gwambe from Pretoria sent us this easy but delicious recipe. We just added liver spread.

Lunchbox ideas

Last-minute mini pizzas

Don’t let the name fool you; these taste like the real deal because the ingredients are every kid’s favourite.

Lunchbox ideas

Banana French toast with a twist

Turn ordinary French toast into a mouth-watering treat with your kids’ favourite ingredients like bananas and Nutella. This recipe is quick enough to make in the morning.

Lunchbox ideas

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