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Caprese bites

Recipe from: 30 Septemeber 2015
recipe, snacks,savoury

Ingredients 11
Servings 6
Time 00:20


  • 6
    mini mozzarella balls
  • 80
    Hartlief Landjager sausage
  • 12
    basil leaves, rinsed
  • 12
    cherry tomatoes, washed
  • 6
    small skewers
  • 20
    basil pesto
  • 15
    olive oil
  • Salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 5
    balsamic vinegar


Caprese bites:
Cut the mozzarella balls in half and cut the Landjager sausage into cubes.

Thread the mozzarella ball and Landjager sausage cube onto the skewer. Add a basil leaf and tomato.

Finish with the other half of the mozzarella ball, another basil leaf and a tomato.

Drizzle vinaigrette over the caprese bites just before serving.

Basil vinaigrette:
Place the ingredients into a small glass container and shake well.

If you have time on your hands, let the vinaigrette sit in the fridge to chill and allow the flavours to develop.

Drizzle over the caprese bites just before serving.

Recipe reprinted with permission of Hartlief. To see more recipes, please click here.

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