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10 basic low carb recipes for brand new Banters

You can't go wrong with these recipes in your Banting repertoire.

04 Feb 2016

There's no denying that Banting is here to stay. And chances are that if you host a dinner party or any type of meal at your home, there is sure to be at least ONE person who follows the hugely popular low carb lifestyle, meaning you are required to put in quite a bit of planning!

Check out our fabulous low carb recipes here.

If you're a Banting beginner however and need some help with finding your new go-to essentials, look no further!

These recipes are a Banter's best friend and can be jazzed up to suit your personal taste with different fresh herbs and spices.

1. Courgette noodles




Thai curry butternut soup

2020-05-28 10:12
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