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Popcorn and marshmallow balls

Ingredients 3
Servings 10
Time 8 minutes


  • 125
    popcorn, cooked
  • 10
  • 3
    types of food colouring (red, green and blue)


2 seconds

Kids will love the colourful combination of popcorn and marshmallows – and it’s an affordable option for a children’s party.

1. Divide the popcorn among three bowls and add two drops of each food colouring to a separate bowl. Stir to coat the popcorn well.

2. Skewer a marshmallow, put on a plate and microwave for 2 seconds on high. While still hot, roll the marshmallow skewer in a bowl of popcorn so it sticks to the marshmallow. Repeat with the remaining marshmallows. Serve.


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