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Frozen Tiramisu

Ingredients 6
Servings 6 - 8
Time 20 min + freezing time


  • 1.5
    store bought vanilla ice cream, softened
  • 80
    coffee liqueur
  • 80
    strong, cold espresso
  • 16
    finger biscuits
  • 15
    cocoa powder
  • 2.5
    espresso powder



1. Line a 2 litre loaf tin with baking paper (make sure the edges hang over the tin so you can lift the cake out of the tin) and freeze for 10 minutes.

2. Spoon half the softened vanilla ice cream into the tin and smooth with a palette knife.

3. Mix the liqueur and espresso and dip 8 of the biscuits into the liqueur mixture, soak for a few seconds and place in a single layer on top of the ice cream.

4. Spoon the rest of the ice cream on top of the biscuits and smooth the top.

5. Dip the rest of the biscuits and place on top of the ice cream.

6. Drizzle the biscuits with any leftover liqueur mixture.

7. Gently fold the baking paper over the top and then cover with cling wrap and freeze for at least 3 hours until firm.

8. Carefully remove the tiramisu from the tin and paper.

9. Dust with the cocoa and espresso powder and serve immediately.

Recipe reprinted with permission of Heinstirred.


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