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7 Wondrous ways to add pizzazz to your hot cross buns this year

We’ve got epic recipes to change your perception about the Easter household favourite.

by: Barbara Mugo | 05 Mar 2020
Hot Cross Buns

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The warm, sweet buns are said to have many origins but the one story that sticks, is that the bun was made in honour of Good Friday (the day that Jesus died), which is why it has a cross on the top -  according to The Kitchn.

Did you know that National Hot Cross Bun Day falls on 11 of September? That means they're not only reserved for Easter time. These exciting recipes  below demonstrate a few creative ways to enjoy the traditional baked treat. 

1. Hot Cross bunny chow

This South African favourite takes a turn for sweet and we love it!

Hot Cross Bunny Chow

2. Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream

Yes, it’s not warm but this rich indulgence might just be what your Easter needs.

Hot Cross bun ice cream

3. Chocolate hot cross bun loaf

This right here is a mix of all things that are great about Easter; chocolate, bread and hot cross buns. 

Hot Cross Bun loaf

4. Hot cross bun amasi ice cream sandwich

Easter classic meets South African classic and that sounds like the crime- fighting duo we are ready to indulge in.

Ice cream sandwhich

5. Hot cross bun chocolate pudding

This 15-minute recipe takes the humble but delicious hot cross bun and turns it into a decadent treat that we all need.


6. Hot cross bun and white chocolate cake doughnuts

Did I hear cake, doughnut and hot cross bun in the same sentence? We are all ears in and have our ovens at the ready.

Hot Cross Bun doughnut

7. Hot cross bun cake pops

These sexy treats are the most eye-catching cake pops to have at your Easter get-together.

 Hot cross bun cake pop


White chocolate and hot cross bun bread and butter pudding

45 mins Slice and generously butter 12 fresh hot cross buns. Cut them through lengthways and arrange in a buttered baking tray. Combine and heat 500 ml of cream and 250 ml of milk together. Add 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract or two scraped vanilla pods, if available.

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