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PARTNER CONTENT: How eco-friendly is your skinny latte?

Make the environmentally friendly choice when buying your cuppa.

01 Oct 2019

Have you ever wondered about the environmental impact of your daily cappuccino? Well, it’s said that if you buy a single takeaway cup of coffee each day, you’ll generate over 10kg of waste a year. That’s not all – an astounding 99% of paper coffee cups are not recycled.

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Most paper cups used for coffee aren’t biodegradable, as they have a polyethylene plastic lining to make them leakproof. But, thanks to Mugg & Bean, you can have your daily dose of java and still help the world become greener. The restaurant brand with a nationwide footprint has invested in developing a strong, stylish and reliable paper coffee cup that won’t harm the environment.

The Mugg & Bean Eco Cup is lined with polylactic acid – a plant starch-coated paper. This makes the cup leak-proof, biodegradable and compostable, meaning there’s no damage to the environment, and no plastic bits entering our food chain.

“Coffee keeps us all going, but it’s not good if we’re making mother nature pay the price for that,” says Thulani Mahlangu, Brand Manager at Mugg & Bean.

By supporting eco-friendly paper cups, you can help reverse the enormous number of cups that aren’t recycled. Mugg & Bean Eco Cups can be composted at home or in industrial facilities, where microbes such as bacteria and fungi break down the plant-based material as their source of nutrition. How can you help take part in the eco cup revolution? Simply keep enjoying your morning Mugg & Bean brew, knowing that your cup will help replenish nature, not harm it.

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