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The best Winter meals to have with a glass of Pinotage

But what does one choose to pair with such an expressive wine? We have listed five of our favourite meals to enjoy with a glass of Pinotage this winter.

16 Aug 2017

Pinotage is a national treasure of South Africa. It is something we are immensely proud of and is known internationally as South Africa’s signature red wine grape. It was born and bred in South Africa in 1925 and is a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. The wine is usually described as deep red with “smoky, bramble and earthy flavours”.

But what does one choose to pair with such an expressive wine? We have listed five of our favourite meals to enjoy with a glass of Pinotage this winter:

1. Smoked Duck

Duck is a fatty meat which means that it needs wine with acidity with ripe fruit so that it contrasts the rich meat. Try this delicious and indulgent recipe that makes a perfect pinotage pairing: Duck breast and mixed baby leaf salad with potato stack.

2. Pulled pork

As a white meat, one would usually pair pork with a white wine, but the versatility of the meal and the combination of sauces, crackling and accompaniments means that red wine works just as well. The aromatic, savoury Pinotage is perfect with the sweet and delicate taste of pork. Try Pinotage winemaker, Bertus Fourie’s favourite pork paring: Crispy pork belly with beetroot relish and young vegetables

3. Lasagne

Here’s proof that Pinotage needs not only be paired with gourmet meals. Pair it with the family classic Lasagne for a brilliant mid-week treat. There are many different types of lasagne, but Pinotage works especially well when paired with lasagne vincigrassi, a mushroom lasagne made with porcini and cream. Try this banting friendly Mushroom and chicken lasagne version

4. Braai

Every South African loves a good braai, so swap your beers for something a little classier and opt for some Pinotage. The coffee notes in the Barista Pinotage pair perfectly with almost anything you’re grilling on the flames, from marinated lamb to Cape Malay kebabs or Cajun-spiced fish or even a good old boerie roll.  

5. Sushi

Pinotage would not be the most predictable partner for sushi – especially not for sashimi – but this medium-bodied wine is a great match. For the red wine lovers, rejoice! There’s no need to pick a white wine to match with this Japanese delicacy, and pinotage pairs perfectly with your winter sushi meals. Check out 16 of the best sushi restaurants in SA.  

Whatever you decide to eat in these winter months, make sure you have a glass of quality Pinotage to warm you up. Barista Pinotage is a unique and distinctive wine that is coffee-flavoured. Have a taste today and don't forget to enter our competition to win Le Creuset kitchenware and two cases of Barista wine.


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