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Sun’s Up at Surf Riders

Summer is Durban’s signature season, and you’ll find the signature Durban food experience on South Beach.

14 Dec 2017

Dotted alongside the Durban promenade, as it snakes its well-paved way along the coastline, you’ll find some of Durban’s best eateries. Their views, of course, cannot be beaten (who wouldn’t want to scoff some chips while looking out to sea?) but it’s the casual yet quality culinary experiences that make this part of Durban…my stomach’s favourite spot to visit. 

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Beach, Beer, Burger

Serving up the best Durban combination there is to have – beach, beer, burger!Surf Riders isn’t your ordinary surfside café. Of course, it’s swimming-costume-casual, but it’s also strict on serving super food. Opening its doors every morning at 06h30, Surf Riders is known and loved as the spot to park off, after your surf or swim session. But for those of us who don’t live life completely in the warm water, it’s just as wonderful too. 

Let’s Talk Food

A quick look at the menu soon tells you that you’re not about to be served soggy chips and stale rolls. Instead, expect great-quality, scrumptious meals that don’t burn a hole through your pocket. Surf Riders is known for its burgers, but you’d be silly to skip the pizzas, or forgo one of their breakfast options. And, of course, the service matches the swell, with your waiter pulling up when you need him, and ebbing away while you eat. My recommendation? Whatever you do, do not skip the sweet potato fries. Crisp on the outside, sweet as pie within, they’re impeccably seasoned and they’re not slopping around in oil. I think of those fries, more often than I should probably admit. 

Dog-Approved Dining

If Durbanites are known for their love of casual dining, then our love for dogs comes in at a close second. That’s why Surf Riders Food Shack is a dog-approved dining spot, and your best friend can enjoy some fun food too. Check out their Woof! Menu for canine-friendly cuisine.

South Beach and Sunshine

Next time you’re planning a seaside stroll, saunter into Surf Riders at the end of your adventure. Crack open a chilled Heineken, and enjoy a little sunshine while you chill out, Durban style.


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