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PARTNER CONTENT: Tips to make the most of the last lazy days of Summer with Uber Eats

5 Hacks to feed your appetite with Uber Eats #EasyWithEats

06 Jan 2020
uber eats partner content

Technology services have not only transformed the way we plan our business and personal journeys but with food-delivery apps, it has also brought convenience, speed and an excellent customer experience to the manner in which we put together the essentials for lunch at work, buy recipe specific ingredients to prepare a meal or a braai, order drinks for holiday parties and get-togethers, as well as order food from our favourite restaurants.

As indispensable as applications such as the Uber Eats app have become in our lives, there are still several features, tips, and tricks that a lot of regular and occasional users may not be aware of, which can make it even more convenient and useful for them.So, in the festive season spirit of giving, we have put together a list of unique features built into the Uber Eats app to make it #EasyWithEats:

#1 – Covering all the basis through the convenience and power of Uber

Did you know that while you are taking a ride with Uber, you’re able to open the Uber Eats app through a click-through option on the Uber app, enabling you to order your fav meal, to get home just as you do too! However, if you’re stuck in traffic, you can schedule your order to arrive according to your ETA. The app allows you to schedule up to a week in advance, for those of us travelling from Sandton to anywhere.  With their personalised recommendation that surface recommendations like your go-tos, less than 30-minute delivery options, and popular options near you based on past orders and details like time of day and delivery location, you will have more time to relax.

#2 – Skipping the queuing blues and sorry I’m late conversations

Users have a quick and convenient way to access food on-the-go. Whether that’s grabbing a coffee on the way to work or skipping the queue, during the lunchtime rush, they can opt to pick-up their order at the restaurant, nullifying the delivery fee. So, your festive shopping has just been significantly extended! Now, when you’re ready to leave, simply collect your order from the accompanying restaurant and enjoy the meal when you get home.

#3 – Pass on all of those delivery fees

The Eats Pass is a SA only feature that enables users to enjoy unlimited free delivery each month, for a monthly fee of just R50. This can lead to savings regular users can put towards their festive season gift budget or hopefully that 30-day notice account for that seemingly three-month-long period known as Januworry.

uber eats partner content

#4 – New filters for worldly needs 

The environmentally conscious user of Uber Eats will enjoy and encourage others to the functionality offered to them by the Utensil Opt-In Option. This new feature will now prompt Eaters to request for cutlery, as this will no longer be a served-standard. While for the health-conscious users there is the allergens update feature, allowing people with food allergies, especially with severe ones that could be potentially dangerous to their health, to order through the newly introduced allergy-friendly filters. This feature makes it easier for people with allergies or dietary restrictions to order with Uber Eats since it filters out any potential orders that might incorporate harmful ingredients.

#5 – Old yet gold and certainly improved

With the app having turned three, there have been a ton of new feature introductions, however, from the inception certain useful features have been there since inception. Including tracking of orders, which provide live updates on the progress of your meal via push notifications, while your able to view your courier partner’s picture on the app, to ensure that its the right courier with the correct order. And don’t forget if you need to give additional instructions to your courier after placing an order, you can call the courier directly through the app after they have picked up your order.And if you need to get in touch with Uber Eats, in-app messaging is still relevant and still a popular method to connect with the app on both past and present orders should you have any question.. It’s always #EasyWithEats! 

Images: Supplied/ Unsplash

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