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PARTNER CONTENT: The Essential ingredient behind any good cocktail bar


13 Feb 2019
lucky shaler cocktail bar

Angostura® started exporting their aromatic bitters around the time of the “invention” of the first cocktail and – call it good timing if you like – its popularity grew with the rise of the Golden Age of the Cocktail. 

For over a century, bitters has been considered a key component in many cocktail recipes. Any bartender at the top of their game will know the benefits of using bitters and specifically recognise Angostura® aromatic bitters – the bottle with the over-sized label and distinct yellow cap – as an essential ingredient behind a bar. 

Not at all bitter when added to cocktails, Angostura® aromatic bitters is used to add that extra depth of flavour and to intensify the taste of other ingredients. Non-alcoholic drinks become crisper and more refreshing, the top notes of light cocktails are enhanced without masking the true personality of the spirit, it mellows the aged notes in heavy rums, smoothes dry aged whiskies, rounds off the taste in beer, marries well with gin and vermouth, soothes the acidity in citrus-based cocktails and balances creamy creations. 

In agreement is Lucky Shaker bartender and winner of the Tequila Patron 2018 Perfectionist Championship, Bruce Dorfling. “Angostura aromatic bitters is the duct tape of drinks. It just holds all the flavours together so well”, and he adds that his first ever Angostura® Rock Shandy was bought for him by his parents at lunch one day… “kinda sweet, kinda aromatic and refreshing; I loved it!”

And refreshing it is. The Angostura® Rock Shandy prides itself on being SA’s ultimate summer refreshment and the first choice in South African restaurants, country clubs and cocktail bars… like Lucky Shaker.You can stand a chance to win one of six cocktail experiences at one of SA’s top bars, including Lucky Shaker. Visit to enter!


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