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PARTNER CONTENT: Athlone eatery wins as Cape Town’s favourite takeaway

The poll was carried out by a local cool drink brand to celebrate the Cape’s street food culture. Cape Town might be known for fine dining and high-end wine pairings, but the majority of the Cape don’t wine and dine, instead they enjoy the home-grown flavours of local cuisines.

06 May 2019

The independent election was commissioned by Jive, to allow the people to vote for their most duide-lekke street flavours. With the slogan ‘Let’s Jive Together’, the Jive manifesto committed to build One Western Cape for All street food lovers.

“It is our view that the community has been misled: While Cape Town is the foodie capital of South Africa, the real flavours have been battling it out on the streets. We decided it was time these foods were united under one banner. The Western Capes food culture consists of more than just fine dining and fancy food pairings. It’s about the diversity of foods and flavours that represent everyone within the Cape,” says Sean Burton, Jive Minister of Communications.

After the nomination of several eatery candidates across the province, voters took to the polls to make themselves heard. In the election race for best street food eatery, locals rated their favourite spots to grab a dite.

The following takeaway joints were elected as the leading representatives of street food:

1. Golden Dish, in Gatesville, was elected as the ruling restaurant

2. Home of the Whopper, Wembley Roadhouse in Belgravia, was voted as the official opposition

3. Eastern Food Bazaar, Cape Town CBD, placed third at the polls

It remains to be seen if a coalition will be formed. Golden Dish owner Mohamed Rafiq Parker says he is “ecstatic” at being named the people’s choice.

“It means we’re doing something right to be named as the people’s favourite,” he says. “Our food is addictive. Meals at the Golden Dish are often eaten, but always remembered.

”The Golden Dish was started by Parker’s late father in the 1960s, and still uses all the original recipes. The only addition to the menu has been the gatsby, which the establishment has become known for. As part of the campaign, renowned flavour commentators were called together last year to pick the best pairings of Jive and local street food. But it was ultimately decided to hand power to the people in a social media and online survey, which allowed the people to vote for the president of the palate, with the gatsby taking the lead in a landslide victory.

The gatsby was followed by the burger and vis parcel, voted second and third respectively. In celebration of the election results, comrades across the Cape cancelled their campaigns and pledged to settle any disputes by sharing a samosa, bonding over a burger pie and meeting in the middle with a mince vetkoek.


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