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PARTNER CONTENT: A South African classic cocktail meets rise in demand


11 Feb 2019
rock shandy

The world has seen a steep rise in demand for decent low-ABV (alcohol by volume) and alcohol-free serves of late (largely spearheaded by the younger generation), and with more health-conscious consumers opting for alcohol-free drinks there are now more options and new creations hitting cocktail menus than ever before.

Denzel Heath of Mootee Bar in Mellville says, “Responsible drinking and the mass shift toward healthier alternatives is a global phenomenon and ‘low to no ABV’ cocktails as a category is being cemented into the world’s best cocktail menus".

But with all the hype over light and alcohol-free drinks, SA’s ultimate summer refreshment – the Angostura® Rock Shandy – has rocked the world of drinks for as long as we can remember and continues to do so as it rises up to meet demand.

A simplistic and subtle refreshment, it has fashioned itself as an ambassador for modern home entertaining and, as a signature serve, is the first choice in South African restaurants, country clubs and cocktail bars.

A popular order at Mootee Bar, bartender Dom Walsh says that it's a top choice because "the Rock Shandy as it stands offers a low- to no- ABV, less sugar than a regular cocktail and a more natural soda mixer”.

Making the Angostura® Rock Shandy only takes a minute. Mix equal parts lemonade and soda over ice with a few generous dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters to taste and garnish with lemon wedge.

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