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Flora proves it’s more than just a spread!

Flora can form part of a balanced, heart-healthy diet and lifestyle and add more flavour to your daily meals!

by: ADVERTORIAL | 20 Jul 2018

Debunking myths about margarine

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to understanding what margarine is made of and how it’s made. Flora recently hosted a Masterclass to help debunk some of those ‘margarine myths’ and showcase some of the real benefits of margarine.

Unilever Nutrition Manager, Dudu Mthuli put it into perspective saying, “People don’t always realise that Flora is actually made from nutrient-rich plant and seed oils, including Sunflower, Canola and Linseed oil, rich in Omega 3 that supports a heart-healthy lifestyle. The seeds are freshly harvested from farms and the oils extracted and purified before being combined with other natural ingredients to form margarine.” 

Guests at the Flora Masterclass had the chance to make their own margarine from ingredients found in most kitchens.

“I was so surprised to learn that margarine is actually made with natural ingredients you can find in your own kitchen,” said Zintle Nsthikila, MC on the day, “Simply by blending milk, seed oils, eggs, salt and lemon juice, you can create your own margarine at home. I never really understood the process of making margarine and this has really opened my eyes.”

Though many people see Flora as a spread for bread only, the Flora Masterclass gave guests the chance to see Flora in a whole new light as they cooked tasty heart-healthy recipes using different variants of Flora.

Flora Chef Ursula Rohrs expressed, “Flora is a versatile cooking agent. Each variant adds its own special touch to your meals. Flora Gold has a delicious creamy taste and is great for sautéing, frying eggs, on baked potatoes and in sauces - both sweet and savoury. It’s also wonderful for crunchier bars, apple crumble in crumpet mix and various other baking applications. Flora Regular has a rich creamy taste and the same fat content as Flora Gold so it can be used in the same applications. So tasty and versatile. Flora Light is lower in fat so cannot be used in baking applications that have a high fat content. You can however use it in crumpet or pancake mixes and any recipes that only need a bit of fat. It is also great for sweet and savoury sauces, in porridge or for running through cooked pasta or mash or vegetables.”

Visit the Flora website to find heart-healthy recipes.

This post and content is sponsored, written and provided by Flora for Food24.

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