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Want a game-changing steak dinner? Start with this

It’s not just about the marbling, the weight and the cut, it’s also about the age. The rest is just garnish (but we love a good bit of garnish)

19 Sep 2016

You already know some of the tastiest meat cuts to braai are those with a good amount of marbling, but what about tenderness? Because free-range cows are allowed to roam, their muscles are tougher than sedentary beasts. Which means if you want flavour and tenderness you need to make the mature choice.

The reason aged beef – and even matured chicken breasts (who knew?) – are great options for the braai is because the meat softens and develops even more flavour during the maturation process. So all your steak really needs is hot coals and a little salt to reach perfection.

If you’re an overachiever you could always whip up an easy marinade or rub for an even snazzier dish. Try these flavour matches.
• Free-range matured thick cut beef sirloin: mustard, parsley, peppercorns
• Free-range chicken drumsticks and thighs: salt, brown sugar, sweet paprika and cayenne pepper
• Free-range lamb steak (already tender, so doesn’t need to be aged): rosemary, cumin, coriander

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