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3 global riffs on an American classic

And you thought burgers were all about the beef. Here are three new takes on the braai classic

22 Sep 2016

Do yourself a favour – think beyond beef. While we all love a beef burger as much as the next guy, since chicken, lamb and pork mince became readily available, there’s a world of opportunity that should not be missed.

Start with these three winners:

Lamb pita burgers: Mix lamb mince with chopped onion, chopped parsley and ground spices like cumin and coriander (big friends with lamb). Season the mince and chill for a bit. Cut open a few fresh pitas and stuff with spoonfuls of the lamb mixture and press the edges. Braai these lamb “pockets” on both sides over medium coals. Thank us later.

Chicken-and-spinach burgers: Combine chicken mince, with chopped onion, a few handfuls of chopped spinach and season. Shape into loose patties and grill over medium coals. Wrap in large gem lettuce leaves while hot and dunk in sriracha mayo.

Pork-and-chipotle chilli burgers: Combine pork mince with 1 chopped dried chipotle chilli and some chopped green pepper. Shape into patties and braai, basting with a sweet-and-spicy BBQ marinade. Serve with Woolworths ready-made coleslaw on hamburger buns.

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