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How to write up a recipe and do a recipe costing

Simple tips to help you with your submission.

28 Feb 2017

Once you've chosen your theme(s) and have decided on your recipe, you will need to write it up and do a costing. Here are some steps to help you along if you are unsure...

How to write up a recipe

1. Give your recipe an unique name

2. Underneath the name state the yield or servings

3. Add the time that it takes to prepare and cook the recipe.

4. List the ingredients. You always list them according to the order in which they are used in your method.  Categorise your ingredients according to different elements in your recipes. For example : list the ingredients for the cake and its icing separately.

5. Specify if a listed ingredient needs any prep done before hand. For example : “ 1 onion, finely chopped”

6. Use the standard metric system.

7. Write the method in an orderly manner starting with the elements that take the longest to cook. Be clear and precise. Use numbers to indicate each step.

8. Mention any tips or serving suggestions at the end.

How to do a recipe costing

1. Make a list of all ingredients used in the recipe and state what the weight/measurement is of each ingredient used.

2. Determine what the cost is of each ingredient as it is sold as a unit in store.

3. Divide the weight/measurement of each of the ingredients used in the recipe by the weight of the unit it is sold in and multiply it by the price of the unit as a whole. This will determine the cost of each ingredient used.

4. Add the costs of all the ingredients used together. This will determine the cost of the entire recipe.

5. Divide the cost of the entire recipe by the amount of portions that it serves. This will determine the cost of each serving.  

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