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Entry requirements

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27 Feb 2017


Any culinary student from a registered institution can enter. Each student needs to submit a full piece of content ready to be published to Food24 before the deadline provided on each brief. 

There will be five categories and the brief will be sent out to all participating culinary schools and be available on the NextGen hub on Food24. Each student is allowed to enter one recipe per category and can enter as many categories as they would like.


1. Easter
Final submission deadline: 29 March 2017 (THIS HAS BEEN EXTENDED)
Recipe brief: Get inspired by the holiday’s quintessential foods like hot cross buns, Greek lamb, Simnel cakes and of course, chocolatey Easter eggs.
Think outside the box and try to merge the traditional with fun modern techniques and presentations!

2. Baking (savoury or sweet)
Final submission deadline: 24 April 2017
Recipe brief: Our second category of NextGen is BAKING and we want you to let your imagination fly free! You have the choice between a savoury or sweet baked item so get those creative juices pumping.

3. Low carb
Final submission deadline: 22 May 2017
Recipe brief: Our third category in the NextGen competition is LOW CARB. Being a student chef in South Africa, we trust that you are already familiar with the low carb way of eating and have an understanding of the basic principles. Using these, we want you to create something that’s easy-to-make, looks great and more importantly – doesn’t compromise on taste.

4. Chocolate
Final submission deadline: 26 June 2017
Recipe brief: Our fourth category in our quest to find the ultimate NextGen recipe is… CHOCOLATE. Don’t be shy – the more indulgent and over-the-top the better

5. Modern braai
Final submission deadline:24 July 2017
Recipe brief: Our final category for Food24 NextGen and one we think you’re going to love is… MODERN BRAAI. We’re looking for lip-smacking food that speaks to the heart of every braai-loving South African. Whether it’s a drool-icious dessert that’s been cooked over the coals or the ultimate meat or veggie dish, here’s your chance to showcase your brilliant braai skills.


You will upload ALL your work HERE.

We've created a handy check-list to ensure you have everything you need:

- Recipe ingredients and full method

- Images (no less than 620 pixels width and landscape format)

- video (optional) to be no more than 3 minutes long

- costing of recipe


You will be judged on the following:

• Originality, recipe needs to be the entrant’s own creation
• Knowledge/understanding of current world food trends
• Costing of recipe
• Execution of recipe
• Styling and photography skills
• Video flow

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