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Your long weekend culinary survival kit

15 Jun 2016

If you were clever, you would be taking Friday off – giving you a wonderful four day weekend to look forward to! If not…well… you and I are in the same boat but to get you excited nonetheless, I have put together a list of useful recipes and ideas to make your weekend one to remember.

Sunday is both Father’s Day and World Martini Day and you can be sure we will be celebrating both! Our wine Ed, Cathy Marston has rounded up some stellar wines to enjoy with your Dad and you can find all your need to know about mixing your own martini at home like a professional bartender.

In the food department – I have gathered some recipes that are family-friendly, hearty, comforting, and just plain mouth-watering.

Let’s start with breakfasts…

Scrambled eggs with chorizo and nachos
Banana pecan crumpets
Croque-Monsieur croissants
Cheesy French toast
Potato and bacon frittata
Banting breakfast sliders
Waffles with creamy Mascarpone
Homemade cinnamon buns


Tomato bruschetta with ricotta and goat’s cheese
Coconut and Parmesan crumbed mushrooms
Prawns in beer and peri peri sauce
Mini pizza bites
Spicy falafels with white bean yoghurt
Chicken wings and blue cheese dip
LCHF cheese tacos

Go big

Spanish pork casserole
Macaroni cheese with creamy Bolognaise
Sausage and pesto stuffed roast chicken
Smoked whole lamb rib on the Weber
Wild mushroom risotto
Margherita tray bake pizza
Sweet sticky ribs
Cape Malay chicken curry
Butternut lasagne
Sausage and been cassoulet
Ostrich meatballs in spicy plum sauce
Sweet potato gnocchi
King size beef burgers
Savoury aubergine cheesecake
Braised red wine oxtail
The best roast potatoes

Something decadent

Cranberry and white chocolate crunchies
No-bake salted chocolate tart
Honey and yoghurt panna cotta
Rooibos Malva pudding
Mini doughnut bites
Old fashioned coconut macaroons
Sticky toffee tea loaf
Microwave peanut brittle
Date and fig phyllo rolls
Apple yoghurt cake
Lemon and pistachio cupcakes
Peppermint Crisp Swiss roll

I don’t know about you, but my tummy is rumbling already!




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