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Starbucks arrives in SA and other coffee trends

21 Apr 2016

Twitter was a flurry this morning over the opening of SA’s first Starbucks in Rosebank, Johannesburg. It seems like they went all out – with live music and even a flash mob to fuel further excitement.

Fans of the green lady (as Starbucks is affectionately known) spent the night camping out in anticipation. Others were not so glowing or full of praise. See some of the comments here.

SA’s coffee culture is still in its infancy (yes we still enjoy our moer koffie when we’re out in the bush) but I’d like to think that with renowned coffee producers like Truth Coffee and Deluxe, we’ve had a taste of what really good coffee is all about, so I sit here wondering if Starbucks will be a success or not. Because let’s be honest – from a quality point of view, it doesn’t rank very high.

Click here to find out much you can expect to pay for a Starbucks coffee in South Africa.

As consumers we’re told to “buy local” and “use local” so the arrival of international brands doesn’t really help this cause much does it? On the other hand we should be smiling that foreign stakeholders are investing in our country. A double edged sword really…

We’re not so far behind the US in terms of coffee fads either. Tried cold bew coffee before? Well it won’t be hard for you to find because there are about 5 or 6 local brands – some of them sold in your nearby supermarket. Nitrogen coffee? We’re already doing that too. I’m just waiting to see how long it takes before we start making our own coffee flour (yes, you read that right).

I’d like to think that as much as we attempt to emulate others in the area of coffee styles and other drinks trends, our unique “South Effrican-ness” will allow us to take what’s already out there and give it a wonderfully local Mzanzi twist – making it bigger and better.

Milk tart latte anyone? (I feel a new trend coming on….)

Yours in a venti of caffeinated happiness,




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