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Master the baking basics with these 7 classic recipes

06 Oct 2016

When was the last time you baked something from scratch? I mean actually sifted the flour, whisked the eggs to ribbon stage, whipped your own buttercream or kneaded your own dough to make bread?

It doesn’t take even a second’s thought to quickly grab a batch of ready-made cupcakes from your supermarket’s bakery section. Those beautiful creations with all sorts of fanciful colours and patterns and (let’s be honest - bland, flavourless taste and texture). The most annoying part? It actually ends up being more expensive! This is why we think it’s high time we all had a good look at our baking skills and perhaps gave them a bit of reinforcement.  

The best place to start, of course – is the basics! And although there are loads of simpler baking techniques to practice like making a good crème pâtissière, we’re pretty sure that if you can create these classics in your own kitchen, the rest will come pretty easily. Don’t be intimidated!

1. Meringues

2. Swiss roll

3. Scones

4. Lemon meringue pie

5. Carrot cake

6. Brownies

7. Banana Bread

Yours in flour-smeared faces and happy tummies,




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