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How to make the most of November’s seasonal goodies

04 Nov 2016

Can we just have a moment to give a slow clap for this season’s offering? Mother Nature has truly bestowed some pretty awesome edible gifts and the best part is that you should be able to find them at any reputable supermarket with a good fruit and veggie section.

I’m talking about bright red raspberries that dance on your tongue with their ting-tangy sweetness, cherries so crimson and perfect on their stalks, plums, watermelon radishes (yes – it’s a thing!), artichokes, asparagus and sweetcorn.

Wondering what on earth to do with all this bounty when you get home from the market (or shop). Below are some ideas to help you along…

Roast duck and spiced plum salad
Heavenly plum pavlova
Plum jam

Asparagus and chive frittata
Gluten-free goat’s cheese and asparagus tarts
Asparagus, salmon and Mascarpone pizza

Mocha raspberry millefeuille
White chocolate and raspberry biscuits
Raspberry yoghurt lollies
Raspberry and rose ripple bombe Alaska

Grilled Sweetcorn
Easy sweetcorn, cheese and onion muffins
Sweetcorn crumpets

Frozen cherry cheesecake
Sour-cream cake with cherries and pistachios
Chocolate cherry brownies

And just because it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas food… roast gammon with cherry and red wine sauce!

Happy November everyone!




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