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Great SA foods we’d miss if we lived overseas

08 Sep 2016

Dear Weather Gods, Spring called and wants to know why it’s still jerseys and soup weather in Cape Town?

It seems that the seasonal change is taking a while to transition here in the Cape but it didn’t stop me from heading outdoors to Maiden’s Cove yesterday to braai some steak with Jan Braai. We chatted about Heritage month and all the great things happening around the country.  

I think if I were an expat living abroad, September would make me homesick to the utmost degree. To see everyone back home in Mzanzi enjoying all the best of their cultural traditions, customs and food!

Things like Mrs. Balls apricot chicken might tug on my heart strings, or a Marie Biscuit and milk tart log. Mmmmm. Peppermint Crisp tart treats come to mind and then let’s not forget the fragrant and spicy chicken biryani. And even though some countries like the UK and Australia claim to sell real “boerewors”, I’d kill for a good ol’ boerewors roll doused in tomato sauce.

The lovely people I work with also felt strongly about foods they’d hanker for. Lili said she’d miss biltong and the KOO grated and pickled beetroot. Carmen said she’d long for mosbolletjie bread, being able to make a potjie, digging into a malva pudding and the wondrously sweet koeksisters. There was also mention of Nik Naks, pickled fish, Karoo lamb and of course…biltong.

Thinking about all this just makes me realise I should never leave!

What SA foods would you miss if you lived somewhere else? Tell us on Twitter @Food24 using the hashtag #MyHeritage.

Yours in never-ending cups of rooibos tea,




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