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Will 2017 be the year of the carrot?

17 Nov 2016

With the year soon drawing to a close, we’ve been chatting a lot about what was ‘big’ this year… from ramen bars and freakshakes to meaty smoked barbecue, smoothie bowls, matcha and freekeh.

Let’s not forget the big spotlight on veggies as the hero. WATCH our video on how to make goat’s cheese and thyme turnip cakes.

And while cauliflower practically took the country by storm in 2014, something else is set to its place… the humble carrot! Expect to see it highlighted in breakfast dishes, desserts (not just carrot cake!), exotic drinks and other interesting creations.

On the drinks front – ‘members only’ bars are starting to emerge where in order to gain access, you may have to have a certain job, set of skills, financial status, or even gender. We’ve heard there’s one soon to open in Cape Town’s Kloof Street that will only service entrepreneurs. Look out for that!

On the subject of superfoods – the new hot buzzword will be ‘moringa’. Want to find out more? Click here familiarize yourself with this miracle ingredient and check out other foodie trends that we think we’ll be seeing in 2017.  

Here’s to another year filled with weird, wacky and wonderful culinary wonders!




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