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Comforting nosh for the Autumn chills

31 Mar 2016

I’m not sure if the weather has changed in your neck of the woods yet but where I am, it feels like Summer has been snatched from my life without any warning and I’m left fumbling around in my kitchen cupboards searching for all my soup pots and casserole dishes.

When chilly conditions set in, us Food24 folk naturally make a beeline for comfort food! And if you’re an organized meal planner (go you!) then I suggest you set aside some time this weekend to stockpile a few of your favourite soul-soothing dishes and freeze them for the weeks ahead. We might get one last spell of Summer, but if not – better to be prepared I say!

If you’re still entertaining little ones until they go back to school – why not try some holiday kitchen fun! It’ll keep them busy and they might even begin to love the task of cooking more than before.

Feeding a crowd and need a dish to impress? Check out all our newest recipes here. Perhaps look at creating a theme or sticking to a cuisine type and then Pinning all your favourites to a board for easy access.

I know it’s Thursday already but if you are laying off the carbs, you might like our midweek recipe ideas for low carb cooks.

Finally, if you are planning on eating out at a restaurant over the weekend, remember that there are thousands of 2-for-1 deals on the Entertainer app!

Don’t forget to tag us in all your fun foodie pics on Instagram with #Food24_sa. We love seeing your creations!

Happy eating and keep those pots hot!




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