Cold drink ideas for hot weather

03 Dec 2015


In the height of Summer we are always looking for something cooling to drink. With the high sugar content in most soft drinks it’s quite an art finding ways to cool down that aren't also bad for you.

My find of the Summer is buchu iced tea. You just make the tea as usual with buchu teabags (available at most retailers) using boiling water – then, once it cools down decant it into a container and refrigerate.  It is super healthy and very refreshing!

The new trend in coffee is cold brew. It’s not iced coffee – it’s much better.  It’s also less acidic than hot coffee because of the way it is brewed, and this, aside from being healthier, causes some great new flavours to come though. There are a few ways you can enjoy cold brew and if the cool packaging doesn’t impress you, the taste definitely will.

We’ve sampled 2 different cold brews available in SA already and they both hit the spot.  If you haven’t already heard of Potion Coffee or Cove Cold Brew Coffee, then you will soon enough. Potion Cold Brew coffee was founded in 2014 and we caught up with them to chat about their cool cold brew. Check out the interview here. I really enjoyed mine with a dash of condensed milk over ice, and I can’t wait to try it in a cocktail.

Another very good-looking looking product landed on our desks a few weeks ago. Beautifully packaged bottles of alcohol-free drinks called EGA. Itcomes in flavours like Rooibos, Elderflower, Green Grapes, Green Tea & Kiwi and more.  Some of them are quite high in sugar so check the label – but definitely worth a try if you are looking for an alternative for wine. (Why anyone would want an alternative to wine is beyond me, but to each their own). And you need to see those beautiful bottles!

And don't forget Rooibos tea! The South African favourite is making waves in cocktail bars across Europe and the United States. Is anyone surprised?  Not only is it healthy – it also offers a more slimming alternative to regular mixers. You should definitely try it at home this holiday season! Here is a great cocktail idea for you.

If you have any recipes or ideas for thirst-quenching Summer drinks, then please share them with us.

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Happy December everyone!

- Cathrine Shone


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