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Non-mystery lunchboxes

Actually, I need more help than just Aletta, I think. Please, please email us lunchbox suggestions. For the adventurous and not-so-adventurous, please.

13 Jan 2011

Hi everyone

And yes... it’s lunchbox time again in my home, and probably in yours too.

I’m just hoping you haven’t had to have the kind of conversation I had with my family this morning.

“Right! New Year, new lunchboxes!” I proclaimed brightly, plonking down bright new Tupperware. “But this year... let’s try think out of the box, okay?”

Silent stares from the sons. I think Joe actually raised an eyebrow... which is probably a good thing. You are never too young to shun a joke that poor.

“All right,” I continued, a little less brightly. “What do you want for lunch this year? And try to think beyond peanut butter sandwiches.”

Benjamin started to look very worried.

“But I like peanut butter,” he mumbled. “I also like cheese, but cheese goes all hot and sweaty. And I like bananas, but then my whole bag smells of banana. Which then makes me like bananas less. And I like oranges, but only if they are cut into orange smiles and you can’t cut them in the morning because then...

Yes, a not-terribly-adventurous creature of habit, our Benjamin.

“Does tuna sashimi keep?” asked Josef. “How about ostrich carpaccio, possibly with a coriander jus? That would be tasty. Or...”

Yip. He’s the one who got the adventurous gene, and has been making the most out of our Food24 restaurant visits.
“Right,” said Andreas giving me a familiar ‘your job is ruining our eldest son for the Spur’ look. “Peanut butter sandwiches it remains then.”

Bit disheartening, but I have secretly decided to try out Aletta’s suggestions below once a week... in a kind of Mystery lunchbox way. Wish me luck.

Chicken wraps
Fruit and almond squares
Spicy chickpea wrap
Bran muffins
Cheese and bacon tortillas
Potato frittata
Asian chicken balls (ha ha ha ha ha)
Healthy bones lunchbox

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