All about the new liquor laws in SA

14 Mar 2013

Hi y’all,

Haven’t these past few weeks made you think about what you put in your mouths? All these food scandals have really piled up and all come out at once.

So first our meat contains donkey – and then it doesn’t? How does that work? Is it just the UK? And has anyone noticed that Checkers is importing a lot of frozen foods from one of the offending UK stores at the moment – I see Iceland-branded food all over the freezers, so does that mean we’re now eating horse as well as donkey?

At times like this we look to the government to have rules to protect us and what we eat. Personally, I have no objection to eating horse or donkey, but I do think I should be made aware of it if I am so I can make a choice.

Governments around the world are now discovering that all their laws and checks need to be tighter to protect consumers – heck, if the best restaurant in the world can give 63 customers food poisoning, then everyone should worry!

So laws and checks are good and necessary when it comes to our food. But how much do we need their interference when it comes to what we drink?

New by-laws are being enacted around the country and scenarios that people thought ‘Oh – it’ll never actually happen’ really are.

As of 1st April there will be no alcohol sales for off-consumption in Cape Town. But you can buy whatever you like, 7 days a week until 2am in Hermanus!!

I’ve been doing some digging into the new liquor acts and by-laws and come up with some disturbing facts. Which all begs the question – we want the government to protect us, but at what point does that protection actually turn us into a Nanny State?

I don’t know the answer, but there are plenty of changes which make me very unhappy in the new by-laws. And I bet there are more than a few restaurateurs out there worriedly counting the cost of the new trading hours as well.

Tell us what you think and how you are going to be affected and what (if anything) you think we can do about it. See what Lili Radloff had to say about it.

In the words of the Beastie Boys, we ‘gotta fight for the right to paaaaaaarty!’

Cheers (in a limited fashion and only until 6pm weekdays and not at all on Sundays)

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