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7 Unconventional and fun milk tart recipes you need to try

23 Feb 2017

It's that time of the year again everyone! National Milk Tart Day is a few days away and I hope you'll be celebrating with us on Monday 27th Feb.

One of the things about this wonderful custard dish is that it's loaded with nostalgia. I don't think I can pinpoint any one single memory I have that involves melktert but what I do know is that it holds a very special place in many South African hearts. Am I right?

We're all familiar with the rich pastry shell that's filled with a thick and creamy vanilla flavoured custard and then topped with the sweet warmth of ground cinnamon. There's not much that can beat it. And I'm glad that someone decided to actually commemorate the grand dame of SA desserts by giving it its own day.

I'm all for classics but today we're applauding innovation!

Food24 has featured various milk tart inspired recipes over the years and I feel that they should have some time in the limelight. Here are 7 milk tart recipes that still have the basic essential flavour profile of a traditional milk tart - but take on a new look, so to speak. Check them out below!

1. Marie Biscuit and milk tart log

2. Milk tart ice cream with gingerbread crumble

3. Milk tart macarons

4. Melktert Swiss Roll

5. Vegan 'milk' tart (no dairy)

6. Milk tart sundae (low carb)

7. Chocolate milk tart (the renegade!)

Which of these unusual milk tart recipes would you make? Tweet us @Food24 or email us!

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