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6 chilled drinks to have in your fridge this Summer

21 Oct 2016

Today is International Champagne Day and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know about my fondness for the bubbled beverage. And if you’ve ever been to my house, you’ll know that I always have a bottle (or two!) chilling in the fridge… the cork waiting to be popped.

Summer is on its way and with it, many festive occasions that will require some sipping of your favourite drink. While my first choice is always bubbly, there are other varieties of refreshing drinks that simply can’t be ignored. And if you have friends or family visiting from afar, make sure you have these in the fridge for when they arrive!

1. Craft beer
There are so many different styles and varieties available nowadays that you're sure to find something that you like. Find out why a Saison is the perfect brew for hot, Summer days.

2. Wine
Summer screams for a good Rosé and our wine editor has put together a selection of some great new releases and old favourites to sip while you’re sitting pool-side.

3. Cold brew coffee
While cold brew coffee has become pretty ‘mainstream’ in big coffee-swigging areas like Cape Town, there are some brands that you should be able to find it at a good supermarket (find them in the cool drink section). You'll find it refreshing but just a warning – it packs a serious caffeinated punch!

4. Cider
There’s been a real resurgence in craft cider in the last few years and we are loving it! Many of them are made in crisp, dry styles with just the perfect balance of fruity apple/pear flavours. Here are 8 reasons why you should be drinking more cider.

5. Gin and tonic
Possibly the ultimate hot-weather drink. Don’t you hate that soul-destroying moment when you realise you’ve run out of tonic water for a G & T?! Make sure you stock up if you know that you’ll be having  G & T drinkers over! And if you want to learn how to make the perfect one, click here. There is also a newly launched brand of alcohol-free and sugar-free gin and tonic that tastes pretty similar to the real deal. It’s perfect for preggy moms-to-be and anyone who abstains from alcohol.

6. Iced tea
While much of the above is alcohol-focused, there’s no denying that a big jug of iced tea does wonders for quenching your thirst. And the great thing is that kids can drink it too! Check out our recipe for rooibos and ginger iced tea.

Yours in sticky sunblock and melting ice cubes,



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