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4 no-churn ice cream recipes you definitely need this Summer

29 Sep 2016

It’s almost October and that means we’re nose-diving into Summer at a rapid pace. Along with the fresh salads, healthy grains and seasonal food we’re enjoying right now – there’s another thing to add the list… ice cream!

If you’re familiar with making your own ice cream from scratch, you’ll know that the taste and texture is far superior to any commercial variety. And we’ve got loads of recipes for you try at home but sometimes it can be a plain old mission because not everyone has the time to churn churn churn, and let’s be honest - we don't all own an ice cream maker!

Enter… the no-churn ice cream! Give these a (s)whirl and you won’t look back.

1. Condensed milk and koeksister ice cream

2. Bourbon vanilla ice cream with hazelnuts

3. Passion fruit lime ice cream

4. Raspberry ice cream

You scream, I scream, we all scream for….

Yours in melting, creamy goodness,




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