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25 Recipes that will instantly take the strain and stress out of your Easter lunch planning

13 Apr 2017

I bet when your Christmas entertaining was over, you didn’t dream that Easter would come around so fast! Just when you’d recovered from all the plotting and planning of menus, delegating who will cook what, making sure you have access to all the necessary ingredients including that special gluten-free, egg-free pasta that your dear Aunty Agnes can't live without.

For anyone in charge of magically bringing together a family feast, we feel you, and we know it’s probably easier to climb Table Mountain on a windy Cape Town day, but as the old saying goes ‘someone’s got to do it’.

We’ve taken the trouble out of your planning and below you’ll find a host of delicious ideas just waiting to be brought to life in your kitchen.

Move over Martha Stewart!

Starters and nibbles
To whet the appetite – offer a selection of platters of where everyone can help themselves or if you prefer a more formal affair, plate individual dishes for each person.

Bruschetta with brown mushrooms, peppers and coriander pesto

Porcini mushroom croquettes

Goat's cheese puffs with thyme salt

Zucchini labneh tart

Camembert with caramelised figs

Lamb is the traditional Easter meat but we’ve included some chicken and also a true SA favourite – pickled fish. We’ve also got some plant-based options should your guests be of the vegetarian variety.

Roast garlic, thyme and oregano lamb

Braai leg of lamb with chimichurri sauce, pomegranates and cauliflower and zucchini puree

The perfect roast chicken

Cape Malay pickled fish tacos

Apricot, origanum and garlic braised lamb shanks


Aubergine cheesecake

Brinjal stacks with couscous and pesto

Potato and vegetable torte

Roast butternut and Swiss chard barley risotto

Side dishes
We’ve said it before and we’ll happily say it again… your side dishes can make or break a meal so pick them wisely and don’t treat them as an accessory (or worse – cook them listlessly).

Pumpkin, sweet potato and pear bake

Roast vegetables with tahini-yoghurt drizzle

Stuffed, baked sweet potatoes

Grilled potato, corn and green beans with pesto dressing

3 ways with roast potatoes

Dessert department
During  Easter, there’s no such thing as over the top so the more indulgent and drool-worthy you go, the better! Check out these sweet treats that will make your heart skip a beat.

Hot cross bun ice cream

Chocolate Easter egg surprise cake

Amarula and orange malva pudding-filled eggs

Baked Nutella chocolate torte

Chocolate marshmallow Easter egg fridge bars

See you next week when you’ve recovered from your food coma!




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