2016 food trends that are good for you

14 Jan 2016

I don’t think I need to tell you that we’re already half-way through January; the month where every second person you speak to is on some sort of diet/health-kick/detox/cleanse/fast/juicing programme. What is it about New Year’s resolutions?!

Now that 2015 has been boxed and stored in the archives, we’re got the chance to take 2016 by the scruff of its neck and give it a good shake! What’s in store this year?

Right now there is a large step towards fermentation. Read about it here in my article, 6 fermented food terms you should know for 2016.

Another movement on the cards this year is the focus on vegetables as the hero of a dish. This is something that we’ve seen overseas but it will be interesting to watch it play out in a meat-loving country like ours! Look out for a feature that we'll be publishing soon on fun and unusual ways to cook your favourite veggies!

Scot Kirton, head chef at Eat Out No 2. restaurant, La Colomb says, “seaweed will continue to trend on menus with the umami appeal and lesser known seafoods will come up with the result of our oceans being over fished.”

We’re already starting to see the emergence of dairy alternatives in supermarkets and coffee shops like different nut milks and coconut products and we think there will be a large focus on egg and dairy-free vegan dishes on menus (not only made for vegans!).  

If you are a baker, you will be interested to know that working with different flours made from ancient grains will be a "thing". Think teff, spelt, buckwheat and amaranth. They're mostly gluten-free and filled with a powerhouse of nutrients.The only challenge you might come up against is actually getting your hands on some but I would suggest having a look at a good health shop in your area.

On an environmental note - the severe drought that has rocked our country means that food shortage is a very real thing, with the cost of food increasing by more than 10%. A scary situation - especially for those who spend up to 40% of their income on food.

One thing is for sure – we can predict fancy trends and fashions until the cows come home but we cannot predict mother nature!

Wishing you a safe and happy 2016 filled with gratitude for whatever food is on your plate.




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