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20 food processor recipes that will make your cooking life a breeze

14 Jul 2016

Can you believe the food processor has only been around since the late 20th Century? They are like cell phones – you don’t know how you ever survived without one. Well, that’s what it feels like anyway.

Think of it – what else pulverizes something up so fine? It’s one of the best kitchen inventions ever and there’s no shame in using it to your advantage. I bet that it mostly sits untouched on your kitchen counter top – taking up precious space until the occasional moment you need to whip up some pesto or hummus.

Now is the time to change that and give your food processor a real workout! I’ve rounded up a few fun recipes for you to try.

1. Homemade almond milk

2. Curried chicken Scotch eggs

3. Roasted butternut falafel

4. Coconut pie

5. Cheesy flaxseed and cauliflower bread

6. Banana, chocolate and macadamia nut bars

7. Low carb chocolate and coconut fudge

8. Food processor carrot cake

9. Peanut butter bliss balls

10. Gluten-free dark chocolate and banana cake

11. Low carb savoury biscuits

12. Bacon-toppped chicken and spinach meatloaf

13. Pecan maple nut butter

14. Cheesy Pepperdew mielie bread

15. Raspberry and mango ice cream

16. Baked chicken cakes

17. Easy baked mushroom and beef samoosas

18. Chickpea fudge bars

19. Peppermint Crisp marshmallow squares

20. Gluten-free coconut, berry and chia seed muffins

Which one to try first?! Happy blending!




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