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12 Stunning salad options to consider for your weekend braai

26 Jan 2017

You know how it goes…you get invited to a Saturday or Sunday braai and the first thing you ask the host is, “what can I bring?”.

If you’re filled with fear that the response will be, “just bring a salad”… then this has your name written all over it. For a lot of people those four words are filled with pressure. Because quite frankly – where does one even begin?

It’s really not the same as quickly picking up some lamb chops or a pack of chicken kebabs. And we’ve often harped on about how side dishes can make or break your meal. I'm very grateful and lucky to have friends who get fully stuck into the role of salad maker and we’re always in for a treat (I suppose it does help though that they are mostly all Yotam Ottolenghi fans!).

If you’ve hit a blank wall in the salad department, I urge you to take a look at some of these to fire up your creative juices!

1. Couscous salad with oven-roasted tomatoes and goat’s cheese

2. Strawberry salad with a fresh basil and mustard dressing

3. Sweet pepper and chickpea salad with roasted garlic dressing

4. Kumato Panzanella (Kumato is a variety of tomato)

5. Butternut, tomato and black-eyed bean salad

6. Beetroot salad with lentils, spinach and goat's cheese

7. Healthy halloumi and millet salad

8. Warm pear salad with blue cheese and pecan nuts

9. Green bean, roasted tomatoes and baked ricotta salad

10. Rice salad with beans and corn

11. Sweet and spicy roasted brinjal and beetroot salad

12. Quinoa and tomato salad with pomegranate

Here's to platefuls of Summer salad success!




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