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12 fresh and vibrant dishes that will make you happy it’s Spring

31 Aug 2016

Finally, just finally I can smell the scent of Honeysuckle in the air as I leave home for work in the mornings. A clear indication (for me anyway!) that the warm weather is fast approaching and I can at last pack away my woolly jackets and giant soup pots.

Unlike many industries that are not affected by the change in seasons, the food world is basically governed by it, with different ingredients receiving their chance to shine each year, but only for a short while treading that fine line of making certain we get our full dose of them but also ensuring we don’t become tired of them.  Here are some of our 3 seasonal Winter gems that we’re sad to say goodbye to.  

And you know what they say, “when one door closes, another opens” – so we are gracefully shedding our Winter woolies and embracing all that Spring has to offer – starting with food of course!  If the weather in your city is good this weekend – then celebrate the arrival of Spring with a giant braai. It’ll feel good to see that grid warming up its muscles for the months ahead. Not keen to braai at home? Head to a shisa nyama in your area and just soak up the festive atmosphere. I've heard it’s a real hoot!

We've chosen a few dishes, treats (and some drinks) that are delightful in both their simplicity and flavour to give you that get-up-and-seize-the-day type feeling. And if you’re worried about that beach body, have these 7 meals to eat before you go bikini shopping handy for when that day comes!

Hello Spring!

1. Asian inspired shredded chicken salad

2. Virgin pomegranate mijito

3. Mustard steak sandwiches

4. Warm wedge salad with creamy paprika dressing

5. Lemony pasta with broccoli and ricotta

6. Gluten-free chocolate date balls

7. Spicy salmon noodle bowl

8. Honey infused yoghurt panna cotta

9. Zucchini and sundried tomato couscous salad

10. Grilled chicken and tabbouleh wraps

11. Low carb coconut bliss balls

12. Deep-fried pork fritters with a honey mustard, sour cream and chive dip

Yours in giant overflowing grocery trolleys,




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