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Wimpy wins South African hearts with this moving tribute to Johnny Clegg

South Africans this week are united in their loss for musician and activist.

by: Katy Rose | 17 Jul 2019
wimpy tribute to Johnny Clegg

Cape Town - The restaurant chain, Wimpy South Africa, quietly dropped a moving, and fitting tribute to Johnny Clegg, who died on Tuesday in Johannesburg.

Wimpy SA changed their iconic logo to read "IMPI" on both Facebook and Twitter, a reference to one of Clegg's band, Jaluka's most acclaimed and stirring anthems. 

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The message on Facebook was brief, reading simply: "We’ll always have Impi. Rest in Peace Johnny Clegg."

Naturally, now we will forever be singing the foot-stomping song "Impi" with an extra "w" in the front and happy tears in our eyes. 

TRIBUTE BY CHANNEL24: Hamba kahle, Johnny Clegg


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